Friday, September 30, 2011

Install Linux on ASUS X43BY-VX036D

AMD E450 1.65GHz.
4GB DDR3 1066MHz.
AMD Radeon HD 6470M (Seymour XT) 1GB DDR3
RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller
AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)
Sound: Realtek ALC269VB

lubuntu 15.10
Disable nomodeset, the Live usb will not hang.

    The newest kernels have moved the video mode setting into the kernel. So all the programming of the hardware specific clock rates and registers on the video card happen in the kernel rather than in the X driver when the X server starts.. This makes it possible to have high resolution nice looking splash (boot) screens and flicker free transitions from boot splash to login screen. Unfortunately, on some cards this doesnt work properly and you end up with a black screen. Adding the nomodeset parameter instructs the kernel to not load video drivers and use BIOS modes instead until X is loaded.

The easiest way to install AMD Radeon Driver is to use the built in "Addional Drivers" manager in Ubuntu.

to set default sound device go to ....

opensuse lxde Leap 42.1
for build-in wireless
using YaST2 to install b43-fwcutter

Debian Wheezy
1) After base install and reboot, we can type commands but cannot see what we have typed because of missing firmware.
(most parts of the screen cover by white screen)
The solution is rebooting to a live cd (
, mount internal hdd
, download
, and extract the radeon to {mount-directory-of-debian-root}/lib/firmware

Detail at

2) No sound
ALSA misunderstand where is the 'main' sound hardware.
and the solution is simply set the default PCM device.
Detail at

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