Sunday, April 9, 2017

Flash Xiaomi Redmi 4X with EU Rom

- Unlock your first bootloader --

- Install ADB

- Extract the platform tool to a directory ( e.g. c:/adb)

- Download the right twrp recovery file
or Lastest Release from e.g.

- Extract the twrp.img to the platform directory (c:/adb)

- Boot your phone into fastboot mode by pressing and holding volume down

+ power key and subsequently releasing power key after some seconds.

- Connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC with the USB cable.
- Type "cd c:/adb"
- Type "fastboot devices"
and press Enter just to be sure your device is correctly recognized.

- type "fastboot boot twrp.img"
and press Enter to use the recovery without flashing it.

- change language in twrp from chinese to english

- Wipe /data partition

- Download EU Rom from
-> MIUI Weekly ROM Release

- Using Windows Explorer to Copy the ROM zip file to the MicroSD Card

- Go to Twrp and Install the rom.


Ref2: Install TWRP via Fastboot mode